21 February, 2007

More useful Links on Circuit basics and Theorems

More useful Links on circuit basics and Theorems :
Following are the some more ueful links for circuit theory basics and solving circuits using different theorems. All the theorems and analysis that we discussed earlier are useful for AC circuits also with out any change.

http://elect.mrt.ac.lk/EE201_Netw_Th_ac_ex.pdf -- Solved problems on all theorems in AC

http://www.analyzethat.net/basic_circuits_8.php --- Analyzing circuits by different methods

http://utwired.engr.utexas.edu/rgd1/lesson01.cfm ---- Lessons online

www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/echeeve1/Ref/E72WhaKnow/Problems/WhaKnowProb.html --- Exercise problems on all concepts

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