17 April, 2007

Top 10 Rules for Saving Energy

1. DO shut off the lights when you’re done using them, and turn off the TV, computer, video games and other electrical stuff when you leave the room.

2. DO lower the thermostat during the winter. To keep warm without wasting energy, put on a sweatshirt or snuggle under a blanket.

3. DON'T leave the refrigerator door open. Every time you open the door, up to one-third of the cold air can escape.

4. DO replace a burnt-out light bulb with a new compact fluorescent bulb. Fluorescent bulbs use 75 percent less energy, and they last 10 times longer.

5. DO remind grown-ups to use cold water in the washing machine. Hot water won’t get the clothes any cleaner, and it wastes a lot of energy.

6. DO turn off dripping faucets. One drop per second can add up to 165 gallons of hot water a month - that's more than one person uses in two weeks!

7. DON’T take a long bath – take a short shower instead. It might take 25 gallons of hot water to fill the bathtub, compared to only seven gallons for a quick shower.

8. DO close the curtains during hot summer days to block the sun. During the winter, keep the curtains open.

9. Help a grown-up put plastic sheeting on windows. Blocking cold drafts is called “weatherizing” and it can save a lot of energy.

10. DO help your mom or dad plant a tree to help shade your house on hot summer days.

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