13 September, 2007

Classification of transmission lines

Transmission lines are classified as short, medium and long. When the length of the line is less than about 80Km the effect of shunt capacitance and conductance is neglected and the line is designated as a short transmission line. For these lines the operating voltage is less than 20KV.

For medium transmission lines the length of the line is in between 80km - 240km and the operating line voltage wil be in between 21KV-100KV.In this case the shunt capacitance can be assumed to be lumped at the middle of the line or half of the shunt capacitance may be considered to be lumped each end of the line.The two representations of medium length lines are termed as nominal-T and nominal- π respectively.

Lines more than 240Km long and line voltage above 100KV require calculations in terms of distributed parameters.Such lines are known as long transmission lines.This classification on the basis of length is more or less arbitrary and the real criterion is the degree of accuracy required.

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